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Weekly Report #04 - Discussion on Oral Ulcers, Cognitive Awakening, and Rebates

Mouth Ulcer

It's another "first time in life", the first time I had a mouth ulcer. I don't remember the exact time, but it lasted for about a week. The pain was unforgettable. It started as a small white spot on the lower part of my mouth. At first, I thought it was just a normal blister caused by eating too much spicy food recently. But it got worse over time, the small white spot became bigger, and the pain became more intense.

On the 24th, I went to a clinic outside of school. I opened my mouth and showed it to the doctor. He gave me a box of Niuhuang Jiedu tablets and a box of Bing Borax Powder (similar to watermelon frost). He told me not to eat spicy or hot food. But as soon as I left, I bought a cup of cold drink. After I went back, I started taking the medicine. When I sprinkled the Bing Borax Powder on the wound, it became even more painful. But after two days of medication, I could clearly feel that it was healing.

Finally, I could eat without pain, but I still had to pay attention to a healthy diet. I also followed my friend's advice and bought some mouthwash. I rinsed my mouth after meals. I don't want to have another mouth ulcer.

Cognitive Awakening

I have been reading a book called "Cognitive Awakening" by Zhou Ling this week. It has been on my bookshelf for a long time, but recently my teacher recommended it in class, so I read it seriously.

From the title, you might think it's a knowledge paid product that aims to make money, but it's actually a very basic but practical personal growth methodology. After reading it, I have a four-word feeling - eye-opening. Before this, I had never thought of using this method or perspective to understand problems.

In the beginning of the book, the author says that humans actually have three brains: the instinctive brain, the emotional brain, and the rational brain. These three brains are the origin of all problems. The instinctive brain originated from the era of reptiles, with a simple structure and only a primitive reflex module. For example, when facing danger, it fights or runs away; when hungry, it wants to eat. These are all the functions of the instinctive brain. The emotional brain originated from the era of mammals, and it enhances survival advantages through emotions. The rational brain originated from the era of primates, and it can generate language, create art, develop technology, and establish civilization. In other words, the instinctive brain is in charge of instincts, the emotional brain is in charge of emotions, and the rational brain is in charge of cognition.

These three brains also have different powers. The instinctive brain and the emotional brain have been around for a longer time and have more power. They also develop at different times in human development, reaching maturity at around 2 years old, 12 years old, and 22 years old, respectively. So in the first 20 years of our lives, we always appear mentally immature.

The book also introduces topics such as anxiety, patience, subconsciousness, focus, and action. The reason why we feel anxious, impatient, lack focus, and have insufficient action is because most of the decisions we make in life are often based on instinct and emotion, rather than rationality. Our growth is about overcoming our nature and controlling ourselves with our rational brain.

Discussion on Rebates

I saw a discussion on Twitter. @Yachen Liu often shares things he thinks are worth buying, and the links he shares usually include rebates. Another netizen @Red Panda Research thinks this is a low behavior and says not to chase after money.

After reading it, I had a question mark in my mind. Can this also be criticized? Isn't this a very normal behavior? As a consumer, I need to buy a product. I happen to see someone recommending a product that they have used and think is great. I can complete the purchase without wasting a lot of time. They get a rebate, I get the desired product, and the merchant earns profit. It's a win-win situation. Why not do it?

I also consider myself a half-affiliate marketer. I mainly recommend VPS and web hosting. I earned a few hundred dollars from Lao Xue Host and Tencent Cloud. Now I mainly recommend CloudCone's VPS and even created a page for it. I have used the products of these three companies and found them to be good, so I share them with everyone to save time.

Speaking of which, it seems similar to employee referrals in companies, right?

Interesting Things and Events

  • I watched the first and second seasons of "Sex Education": Don't be fooled by the title. After watching it, it made me think about sex education in China. Let's be honest, does China have sex education? The biology textbooks in middle school briefly mention menstruation in females and nocturnal emissions in males, and that's it. In the series, a high school teacher explains sexual knowledge in class and teaches everyone how to use condoms. The principal gives a speech in the auditorium about the significance of sanitary pads. In China, words like condoms, sanitary pads, and menstruation are very sensitive and are not openly discussed. This is not only due to cultural traditions but also a flaw in our culture. To quote a netizen, in terms of sex education, Chinese people, you are skipping class.
  • I watched "Chasing the Dragon": I finally understood how good editing can make a movie look, even if the actual film is bad. The last time I had this feeling was when I watched "The Storm Riders". After watching it for over an hour, I didn't even see a trace of drugs. The whole movie was filled with floods, mudslides, and landslides. I already didn't like rain, and now I dislike it even more.
  • Xiao Lin talked about an interview with the founder of Duolingo: It was a video interview with Luis, the founder of Duolingo, discussing his entrepreneurial journey and the development of Duolingo. During the interview, Luis mentioned that the biggest obstacle to language learning is boredom. So from the beginning, he tried to make language learning with Duolingo fun for users. For the user experience of Duolingo, you can read the latest article by @Chen Cangjie titled "Learning French with Duolingo for 100 Days" (in Chinese).
  • On September 26th, Han Yu asked me why I call it a weekly report instead of a weekly journal. The impression of a weekly report is that it is presented and reported to others, while the impression of a weekly journal is that it is a self-record. I replied with three words at that time - I didn't think much about it. Indeed, I didn't think much about it. It's just a form, and it doesn't make much difference whether it's called a weekly report or a weekly journal. The primary audience is myself, and the purpose is to record and reflect. Another reason is that @Pseudoyu also uses the term "weekly report".
  • On September 26th, I learned some things at school that are mostly wrong: 1. Let us be good friends with everyone. It is happier for both parties to keep a distance from people we don't like. 2. Work hard to overcome your weaknesses. It is more advantageous for survival to focus on developing your strengths. 3. Hard work will always be rewarded. If the method and direction are wrong, there will be no reward at all. 4. Sit down and discuss to solve problems. In real life, there are more people who don't understand what others are saying than you think.
  • On September 28th, I saw a special offer VPS on CloudCone. It had 3 cores, 3GB RAM, and 6TB bandwidth, all for only $38 per year. At that time, there were still 8 available, so I shared a tweet with my referral link. The next morning, I woke up to find that it had over 40,000 views, and 5 people had purchased through my link. Of course, it is now sold out, but I earned some pocket money. I also submitted a ticket to the official website, requesting an exclusive discount code with a greater discount, and I am waiting for a reply. I hope it will be successful.
  • On September 29th, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, I had the idea to use AI to generate some images related to the festival. Unexpectedly, the results were quite good. You can check out the images on my Jike dynamic. The general process is as follows: first, I logged into the ChatGPT website and asked it to provide some prompts. I kept adding details to make it more complete. Then I logged into the Bing Create website and entered the prompts provided by ChatGPT, waiting for the generation.

These are the things and events of this week. I hope to review my week in a relaxed and calm manner, and I hope that friends who subscribe to my blog can read my sharing calmly and continue to love their lives. Life is not just about nonsense.

The background image is from a photo I took of the sky at Yuzui Island in Nanchang.

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